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Carapace SHRIMP help keep WINE


Additives made from shrimp shells, may be more environmentally friendly and safe way to store wine without applying the sulfites. As a result of the wine tasting, stable new material virtually indistinguishable from the classic wine with preservatives, but new additions are not so dangerous to th ...

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Chemical elements resize


US researchers conducted a systematic recalculation of the radii of atoms and ions of elements from hydrogen to californium. There is nothing more constant values ​​of atomic radii? Ram Martin (Martin Rahm), Roald Hoffmann (Roald Hoffmann) and Neil Ashcroft (Neil W. Ashcroft) from Cornell Uni ...

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NEW "Inorganic Benzene"


Researchers from Germany and Russia for the first time succeeded in synthesizing analogues of benzene, aromatic ring which contains silicon atoms and the elements of group 15. Although examples of materials which could be called "inorganic benzene" exist, their number is poor. To replenish "C ...

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